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Lady Bird is a lovely young fully grown female kitty who arrived at the HSOV on August 5, 2017 along with her four 5-month old kittens (Chickadee, Robin, Sparrow, and Wren). This stunning lady has a brown tabby short smooth coat, a long ringed tail, and a darling face with long white whiskers and a cute white milk mustache. Lady Bird has a wonderful, gentle disposition and a friendly, easygoing...
She is just amazing and loving and friendly .She loves men a little bit more But I m female and she adores me still She does lay eggs but we have no boyfriend for her so they are blank She likes to play n walk around out of her cage and loves to drink tea She liked to dip her biscuit in her tea and says gives a cup of tea She can talks loads can laugh cry whistle be a car or a horn or tools or ...
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